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Telegraph-Cover-195x300As mentioned in a previous entry (Hogg 2013), I tend to trawl through Amazon and Amazon.co.uk for upcoming books on vampires. As much as I search, though, I sometimes overlook certain works. But thanks to my RSS feed, I’ve been tipped off about one I’d never heard of before.

Andrew M. Boylan recently posted a review (2013) for an academic anthology titled Telegraph for Garlic, edited by Samia Ounoughi. The title is a reference to Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897): Van Helsing telegraphs his friend, Vanderpool, to obtain garlic flowers to protect Lucy Westenra against the Count’s predations. The anthology itself, is composed of papers from English and French academics, discussing Stoker and the novel. It’s also now on my Amazon.co.uk wish list.

I haven’t found much info on its contents—though Boylan singles out Helena Ifill’s “Sweeter and Lovelier than Ever: Re-reading Lucy” as his favourite—but its price is quite impressive for a work of its type:

However the thing that really draws me to Telegraph for Garlic is the price. Even the slimmest reference books are notoriously expensive, but Red Rattle books have released this with the rrp of £6.99 ($10.99). Kudos for making a work like this affordable (Boylan 2013).


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