Is Pivárcsi’s Book a Translation?

I’ve been doing a bit of digging on “Transylvania vampire expert “István Pivárcsi’s 2011 book, Just a Bite. In a previous entry, and following Niels K. Petersen’s supposition, I speculated that it was “a re-titled translation of Pivárcsi’s 2003 book, Drakula gróf és társai: nagy vámpírkönyv” (Hogg 2013).

I contacted New Europe Books, Just a Bite‘s publisher, minutes after writing the post, to confirm whether it was true. The response arrived a few days later, with a little more info than I was expecting:

Apologies for the slight delay in my response. Yes, Just a Bite is indeed a translation of István Pivárcsi’s book Drakula gróf és társai: nagy vámpírkönyv–but with some chapters dropped and others edited. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have (Olchvary 2013a).

My only question was whether I could repost his comments. He kindly agreed and followed up with more info about the translation:

That’s fine. The copyright page does indicate the names of the three persons who translated the text (one of them being me), as well as the two of us who then did the editing. (As a longtime translator myself, I can confirm that generally, only in the case of literary prose is prominent credit given to the translators on a title page, for example. Just a Bite, while rich in information, is more a handy reference guide than it is literary prose.) And, as I mentioned briefly in my previous message, in coordination with the author and with his approval, the text does at times depart from the original edition–with some passages intended primarily for a Hungarian audience removed, and a few short chapters dropped that seemed out of keeping with the main thrust of the book (at least for an American audience relatively well versed in vampirology). Also, the original, Hungarian edition contained only a few illustrations (Olchvary 2013b).

Very insightful. Thank you, Mr. Olchvary! So Just a Bite is not direct translation, but is, indeed, a translation of the 2003 book. So let’s call this one…



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