Official Website Launch

Surprise! Yes, this blog now has its own website. Technically, speaking, it’s a spin-off from my Facebook group, “The Vampirologist”, which, in turn, was a spin-off from my Blogger blog of the same name. Either way, the website is now open for business!

Vampirologist _ Vampirologist Forum - 2013-10-26_19.30.27

It’s been a project in development for the past few weeks. You may remember a call-out I issued for writers to contribute article’s to Sufi Mohamed’s IndieJudge online magazine’s vampire issue (Hogg 2013b). Well, he and I got to talking—and he convinced me to establish a website. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for a long time (Hogg 2011), but his coercion won the day. Well, his coercion and initiative: he actually up and created the thing, himself! And paid for the domain! Which makes him the website’s founder.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been bantering back and forth over what we wanted the site to be. He wanted it to mainly be a forum; I wanted it to have other content, including a blog. I even drew a preliminary sketch of the site’s homepage with MS Paint:


Ok, so Da Vinci, I ain’t. Nonetheless, it represents the core breakdown of the site: a combination of articles, forum discussions, blogging and news items. The emphasis, however, is primarily on discussions. As noted in my first blog entry for the site:

I want this site to preserve the spirit of my Facebook group: free and open discussions on the subject and its various aspects, under the banner of a respectful community. I’m particularly humbled by the fact that my group is composed of people with differing levels of personal investment in vampires, but show enough tact, humour and friendliness toward each other, that conversations are often insightful and rewarding—even when opinions are diametrically opposed! I tip my hat to them all (Hogg 2013a).

The community vibe will be preserved by the site’s blog, too: its second entry is written by Sufi (I was waiting for his contribution before launching the site) and I’m on the hunt for other contributors. Have you got a vampire book, movie or documentary to shill? Have something you want to say about vampires? Drop us a line. However, one caveat: no press releases! Original material only. Want to host an ad on it? Pay us! Seriously. We’ll work out a cost. Hosting a website isn’t free, after all.

So, how does the site differ from this blog? Well, this blog is like my own personal diary. It’s also more academic. More niche. The website, however, is for everyone. The only qualifier? Be interested in vampires. Simple. I envision it as mixture between my Facebook group and something like BuzzFeed. It doesn’t look it at the moment, of course, but it’s very much a work in progress. That’s why we’re counting on you, the reader. Come one, come all. But respectful. And most importantly, enjoy.


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