Prints of Darkness

I was quite impressed by the following picture posted by Thomas Allen Dixon on the Facebook group, “Count Dracula”, which I co-admin. Particularly its accompanying caption: “I painted this for a high school art class about 1976 . (Acrylic 16 x 20).”


christopher-lee-as-count-dracula1A high school kid painted that! Incredible. You’ll probably recognise it as a scene from Terence Fisher’s Dracula (1958) (left), better known by its American title: Horror of Dracula. That’s Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) at the top of the stairs, just after Jonathan Harker (John Van Eyssen) staked Drac’s “bride”. He’s not a happy chappy.

Anyway, after my expressing my astoundment at the quality of his work, Dixon elaborated: “I started drawing at about 5 . My dad said I drew up about 5000 sheets of card board he had at the time . Drawing is kind of like a nervous tick with me , I can’t stop doing it .”

I asked him if I could post his painting on here, with a little bit of a backstory. He agreed and added:

I wanted to be an Illustrator when I was a kid . I really loved Warren magazines and artists like Neil Adams ,Basil Gogos ,and Richard Corben .I came under the spell of Universal and Hammer films as well . I went to John Herron school of art and decided I could make a better living at carving stone in southern Indiana and it has worked out well for me , and that ‘s what I do now.

Dixon works at Bybee Stone Co, Inc., Ellettsville, Indiana and teaches stone sculpting at the Indianapolis Art Center. His art can be viewed on his Facebook page.


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Dixon, Thomas Allen. 2013. Photos from Thomas Allen Dixon’s post in Count Dracula. Facebook, October 26.


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