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It’s been pretty hectic in the last few days, so now that I’ve got a bit of a breather, I’ll take this opportunity to discuss what’s been going on.

Vampire Issue Published!


Sufi Mohamed’s request for articles to IndieJudge‘s vampire special (Hogg 2013c) was well and truly answered. The issue was released on October 25. Here’s its table of contents (“Issue #2 – The Vampire Edition” 2013):

Monsters are Symbols, excerpt from The Vampire in the Detective Story – Caroline Stikkelbroeck

Interview with a Vampire Author – Sufi Mohamed & Caroline Stikkelbroeck

Bela Lugosi’s Best Vampire Films – Charles E. Butler

The Vampire Diaries – Helen Marukh

Fear and Loathing in the Twilight Saga – David MacDowell Blue

Thirst, A Korean Expression – Seung-woo Baek

Nosferatu, Dracula, 30 Days of Night – Lachelle Redd

Classic Dracula Film Reels – Mo Hussain

Will the Real Vampires Please Stand Up – Stavros Cockrell

Fright Night 2 – Bertena Varney

Strigoi, a Romanian feast – Adam Wing

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Andy Boylan

The Faces of Dracula – Dax Stokes

Beautiful Savage – Scarlette D’Noire

Vampire Gallery – Roger Koch & Charles E. Butler

I’m still amazed at how quickly Sufi got it together. And I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the result. You can view the issue here.

Crazy Duck on the Lookout!

Crazy Duck Press Publishing Company _ Vampire News - 2013-10-27_16.49.07

If you missed the deadline for IndieJudge, never fear: Crazy Duck Press is on the lookout for articles to its upcoming edition of Vampire News. It’ll be the third volume in the series—the first two were published in 2011 and 2012. Here’s what they’re looking for, this time around:

So, now they are looking at their third as of yet untitled edition that is going to press in the first months of 2014. If you have vampire related events that occurred in 2013 such as book releases, movie premieres, conventions, book signings, etc please send the information and if possible pictures that they can use.

They are also looking for original art, photographs as well as articles, reviews, critiques, etc. Once all submissions are received then they will contact who they want to include in the publication (Varney 2013a).

I contributed an article titled “A Vampiric Proposal” (see Hogg 2013b) to last year’s edition, as well as adding a few items to its timeline. A conversation I participated on in the Facebook group I co-admin, “Vampire Lore and Legend”, was also featured in it. I’m thinking of contributing something to it, this year, too. Not sure just what yet. Wait and see. In the meantime, if you’d like to submit something, check out the publisher’s “Vampire News” page.

Website Makes the News!

My website was officially launched yesterday (Hogg 2013a) and features in two news articles, both written by Bertena Varney (2013b; 2013c), author of Lure of the Vampire (2011; 2013). Sure, they’re the same article. Sure, she’s a friend of mine, member of my Facebook group and website. But I didn’t ask her to write them. And that’s what counts! I’m just chuffed she believes in the project enough to promote it and I hope you will, too. Oh, and as of this writing, my Facebook group has 326 members.

Blog Revamped!

I’ve been meaning to update my blog’s appearance for a while. As much as I like the (defunct) Kubrick theme—which I adapted from some humanities blog I can’t recall the name of—I felt it was time for something a bit more snazzy. So until yesterday, you would’ve been greeted by this:

The Vampirologist - 2013-10-26_01.47.13

And now it looks like, well, what you’re reading now. I’m using the Fresh & Clean theme, which I adapted from Katy Meyers’ Bones Don’t Lie blog. I became aware of her blog due to Niels K. Petersen’s recent write-up (2013) on a symposium titled “The Odd, the Unusual, and the Strange: Human Deviant Burials and their Cultural Contexts”, which was arranged by the Canadian Association of Physical Anthropologists.

The deviant burial aspect crosses over into vampire research, so I asked her whether or not the papers presented would be published. She said, “I think there is a planned publication from this session, though when it will come out I do not know” (Meyers 2013). Here’s hoping!


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