Another Halloween Treat!

I forgot to mention in the previous post, that while I was surfing the ‘net yesterday to help Brian McKinley find vampire fiction vs. folklore material for a Halloween talk he’s going to be giving (see here and here), I stumbled upon M. M. Carlson’s 1977 article, “What Stoker Saw: An Introduction to the History of the Literary Vampire.”

It discusses the legitimacy of the vampire lore Bram Stoker used in Dracula (1897). The article was published in Folklore Forum 10 (2): 26–32. I should point out that I’ve already had the article for a long time, but it’s nice to see it available online for free. Props to Indiana University’s IUScholarWorks.

If you’re after an article in a similar vein—heh heh—I’d also recommend chasing up a copy of Patrick Johnson’s “Count Dracula and the Folkloric Vampire: Thirteen Comparisons,” Journal of Dracula Studies 3 (2001): 33–41.


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