I’m on Tumblr

I’ve been meaning to create a Tumblr blog for a while. I flirted with the idea of creating one for non-fiction vampire book covers. The seed for that idea was sewn in a post on my former blog, Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist:

On a lighter note, I’ve been thinking of creating a new segment for this blog concerning beaut non-fiction vampire book covers. I occasionally express awe for them, so why not share a few which I think are particularly great? It’s not set in stone, though. Just something I’ve been thinking of doing. See how it goes (Hogg 2011).

Later, I got to thinking about a standalone blog, and Tumblr, which tends to be very visuals-orientated, fit that bill perfectly. But I just never got around to it. I guess, in the end, I couldn’t be arsed.

However, in recent months, I’ve been getting more into the idea of promoting my stuff. What’s the point of sitting in an obscure corner of the ‘net if I don’t make an effort to get my posts out there? They’re written to be read, aren’t they? That’s why I opened up to Sufi Mohamed’s website idea (Hogg 2013). It’s also why I’ve been making frequent contributions to my (usually dormant) Twitter account—with help and gentle goading from Erin Chapman (@Vampires2hunt). What I’m saying is, I’ve been primed.

On Saturday, I came across a link in article by XJ Selmen (2013) on Cracked.com—one of my favourite websites. The link read “Send in proof of purchase for a shot at winning a signed copy, and something from Dan O’Brien’s desk”—a competition promoting their new book, The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn’t Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew. It lead to Cracked.com’s Tumblr blog. I was quite impressed.

I wound up checking out their other posts, which cross-promote their articles and hosts various images and I thought, “I know exactly what Tumblr blog I can make now—a spin-off from this blog!” I created opened an account that same day. After tweaking around with it—and yes, even utilising the same “Redux” Tumblr theme with a bunch of adjustments—I made my first post to it earlier today. Here it is:

The Vampirologist, Remember When I Said... - 2013-12-16_22.25.18

My Tumblr blog will feature links to posts on this blog, but I’ll also use it to share “cut scenes” (images that elaborate on content here), share links, quotes and other vampire-related things of interest. Something for everyone. If you’re on Tumblr too, come join me. It should be fun!


Hogg, Anthony. 2011. “What’s Been Going On and Upcoming Books on Vampire 3.” Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist, July 12. http://doaav.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/whats-been-going-on-and-upcoming-books.html.

———. 2013. “Official Website Launch.” The Vampirologist, October 26. https://thevampirologist.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/official-website-launch/.

Selmen, X. J. 2013. “Why Hollywood Can’t Stop Remaking the Same 4 Stories.” Cracked.com, December 13. http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/why-hollywood-cant-stop-remaking-same-4-stories/.


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