Last Post of the Year


I couldn’t end the year without a blog entry, but it’s gonna have to be a quick one—gotta get ready for New Years’ Eve tonight!—so forgive my brevity.

Some readers may be aware of my Blogger blog of the same name. I started it on September 20, 2011. I’ve now closed it, so I can concentrate on this one, without having the other as a loose thread. Why did I close it? I prefer WordPress’s layouts over Blogger’s. Shallow, I know. Nonetheless, the blog’s legacy continues here. And rest assured, there’ll be lots of interesting things popping up in 2014.

Among many plans, I aim to write a retrospective on my work for the upcoming edition of Crazy Duck Press’s annual publication, Vampire News. Just gotta find the time to write it by the January 15 deadline. Eeek!

I may also have an article published for The Borgo Post‘s next issue. Just waiting confirmation for that one. Wrote it a little while ago. I’ll keep you updated.

Another note: my blog, Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?, hosted on Trystan Swale’s Leaves That Wither site, is going down—along with Swale’s site, too.

Sean Manchester, well and truly living up to the malicious behaviour I’ve outlined in certain blog posts like this one, this one and this one, sought the blog’s suppression by bombarding the host with DMCA claims (because I used copyrighted—albeit incriminating—images exposing a hoax he perpetrated in 1977 in “fair use” context) and because Swale referred to him as a “potty prelate” and “phoney vampire hunter.” Apparently, the latter counts as “defamation,” which leaves us with a strange implication: if you can’t call a vampire hunter “phoney” without defaming them, does that mean their profession is legit?

If the prelate in question constantly displays malicious, bordering-on-if-not-crossing-the-line sociopathic behaviour, can’t you call them “potty”? We’ll see what happens next year. Either way, the blog’s saved, so it’ll turn up in some shape or form.

On a lighter note, I’ll also be seeking out more guest entries for this blog, especially after Niels K. Petersen’s stirling contribution. I also aim to compile more Amazon lists, as mentioned here.

I’ve got an overdue Christmas present to order, too—$50 to spend on books. It’s been soooooo long since I’ve gone shopping for vampire books online, I’m really looking forward to it. Got a few possibilities in mind.

Incidentally, all this is just the minor stuff I’ve got up my sleeve. There’ll be much bigger projects and events to come. Stay tuned for those! In the meantime, I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!


Film Dick. 2013. “Twixt (2012).” Film Dick, August 9.


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