Calling All Vampires!


Dr. Emyr Williams, a Lecturer in Psychology at Glyndŵr University, is on the lookout for vampires.

Members of the Vampire Community, that is. He’s composed a questionnaire for you to fill, which intends to

broaden the psychological knowledge of the contemporary vampire community with the hope of publishing a series of academic publications that will help a wide audience understand the vampire community (Merticus 2014).

Williams’ previous vampire-related papers include “Adolescent Television Viewing and Belief in Vampires” (2006) and “Paradigmatic Brilliance—Or, So Sparkly, It’s Broken” (2012).


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Williams, Emyr, and Janet Goodall. 2012. “Paradigmatic Brilliance—Or, So Sparkly, It’s Broken.” Journal of Dracula Studies 14: 7–16.


Figueroa, Laura. 2009. “They’re Real Life Vampires, and They Are Living Among Us.” Deseret News, November 20. Photo by Lilly Echeverria, MCT.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Vampires!

  1. I would just like to not feel so alone in England. I am a sanguine vampire and I seem to live in a place where there is nothing relatable. Plymouth.

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