My Article Got Published

Remember when I said, “I may also have an article published for The Borgo Post‘s next issue. Just waiting confirmation for that one. Wrote it a little while ago. I’ll keep you updated”?

Well, I received my copy of the Borgo Post today and—my article got published! The newsletter’s editor, Anne-Marie Finn, added a postscript. Here’s the article (Hogg 2014):


It’s the second article I’ve had published in the Borgo Post; the first was an item justifying Emily Gerard’s use of the term nosferatu, despite unsuccessful attempts to trace it prior her usage (I found an example that pre-dated hers by 20 years) (Hogg 2011b; 2011c).

The article covers one of my pet projects: establishing a vampire periodicals database. I broadcast the idea a few years ago (Hogg 2011a), expanded the concept in an essay for Vampire News (Hogg 2013b) and blogged it here, too (Hogg 2013a). Each time I write about it, the idea’s refined. In fact, I’ve come to realise it’d work best as a website like the Directory of Research Journals Indexing.

I’ve used that website as a template, by indexing the first issue of Margaret L. Carter’s The Vampire’s Crypt (1989–2002) with Microsoft Word 2010. Here’s two sample screenshots:


The journal’s description.


The journal’s contents.

The logistics of a project like this are another matter all together. It’s not just a matter of sourcing the not-exactly-easy-to-get content, but also creating the index, itself, which would probably need software like MySQL and a server to host the site—both requiring tech expertise well beyond my capabilities. A Wiki site, similar to the Dracula Research Centre’s Journal of Dracula Studies page, could still be another option.

All the same, I’m buoyed by the positive response the concept’s received and pleased to see the Transylvanian Society of Dracula embarking on a similar project of their own—which I had no idea about, when I originally approached them with my vampire periodicals database plan. It was Finn’s idea to expand my concept into an article for the newsletter. I bashed it out within two days of her request.


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