Vampire Library Inspires Review


Would Van Helsing approve? My vampire library recommendations inspired a book review on a French vampire website. Picture: Columbia Pictures; Wicked Horror.

I was pretty chuffed when the founder of French vampire website,, not only reviewed a book from my vampire library recommendations—but liked it, too!

Anthony, thanks for having put the bruce McClelland book [Slayers and Their Vampires] in your list [. . .]

I just reviewed it, it’s really a great work

He then told me “Perkowsky [sic] is the next in my essay list,” by which I presume he meant Vampire Lore: From the Writings of Jan Louis Perkowski (2006), which took number one place on my list.

In the meantime, if you can read French, check out his review of McClelland’s excellent book.

As a token of gratitude, he sent me a link to another book he’s reviewed; one I’d never heard of before: Kenneth Hite’s The Thrill of Dracula (2015). According the book’s publisher’s website, the 96 page booklet

takes apart Dracula — the novel, the movies, the myth, even the history — into his component pieces: characters, tropes, symbols, story beats, effects. With those pieces, Ken shows you how to build new yet mythic stories about the King of the Vampires or about your own creatures of the night, tuned for thriller adventure, cosmic horror, or even intense personal drama. This standalone book suitable for all fans of games, storytelling, and Dracula will be delivered in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats.

The book is a standalone component of Hite’s Dracula Dossier, a campaign for the roleplaying game, Night’s Black Agents. The campaign operates under the pretext that Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) wasn’t actually a novel, but “the censored version of Bram Stoker’s after-action report of the failed British Intelligence attempt to recruit a vampire in 1894.”

The Thrill of Dracula (including pdf) is available for £7.95 from the publisher’s online store.


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