Delving into Peter Underwood’s Vampire Protection Medallion


Peter Underwood, a prolific author of paranormal subjects, recounted being given a vampire protection medallion by Montague Summers. Picture: Independent.

My research into the history of a vampire medallion mentioned in the first blog post of the year continued beyond the preliminary stages—one of the main reasons why I haven’t written anything else about it, is because I’m wondering if I should turn it into a full-length article.

51pnudgryal-_sy344_bo1204203200_But to give a brief background: Peter Underwood claimed in his 1975 book, The Vampire’s Beside Companion: The Amazing World of Vampires in Fact and Fiction, that Montague Summers (1880–1948), gave Underwood a vampire medallion that Summers had personally used to ward off vampires.

Or so the story goes. Let’s say there’s more than a few holes in Underwood’s account, some of which, had subsequently been given away by Underwood himself—that’s where his autobiography, No Common Task (1983), comes into it. But more on that another time.

During research for the medallion’s history, I came across some other interesting sources. For instance, I found out that Underwood further discussed the medallion in his 1990 book, Exorcism!, and contributed a chapter about the vampire Summers supposedly encountered with it, in a chapter for a Canadian vampire anthology. Underwood’s writings about vampires were also examined in a Catalan language vampire journal (pdf).

I would love to probe Underwood, himself, on the issue—unfortunately, he died in 2014. The best leads we have on the medallion’s history is the paper trail he left behind.


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