Three Years, Already. Amazing!


My colleague, Erin Chapman, ordered a special cake for the third birthday of our website, Vamped. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat any of it because it was over 13,000 km away. Picture: Erin Chapman.

Many of you probably know that apart from writing this blog, I’m also the Editor-in-Chief of Vamped, an general interest online magazine dedicated to various topics.

In fact, Vamped was originally intended to be the website spin-off of the Facebook group spin-off of this blog—Vamped‘s original URL was A little confusing, I know. Either way, here’s what I previously said about the site’s transition:

The site’s aim, to “unite people interested in vampires” and “preserve the spirit of my Facebook group: free and open discussions on the subject and its various aspects, under the banner of a respectful community” … simply didn’t fit the “vampirologist” banner; it wasn’t an academic site. It wasn’t built around me and my writings—nor did I want it to be. That’s not to say I didn’t want to uphold its original tenets, mind you. I just wanted something more open and accessible.

The “community” angle was the hook to me, something the site’s founder, Sufi Mohamed, latched onto and wanted to expand beyond the confines of my Facebook group. It’s also why I solicited writers from various backgrounds, experiences and interests in vampires.

So why the name? I explained that one, too:

There are many things that interest us about vampires and just as many ways and mediums these interests manifest. That’s what my website’s all about: sharing that passion with everyone else. Interesting items and insights. That’s what it’s all about. A one-stop vampire shop.

That’s why the site needed a new name. Something with mass appeal. Something that would accurately reflect the site’s direction and development—and “Vampirologist” wasn’t doing that for me. It didn’t inspire the purpose I had in mind. And if I wasn’t inspired, the site would’ve lingered in limbo.

In fact, I was this close to shutting it down. It wasn’t until I explained how dissatisfied I was with the name to Sufi, that I was forced into the position of coming up with an alternative. I discussed the matter with my friend and colleague, Erin Chapman. We brainstromed a few alternatives, and even collaborated on a proposal to refine what we wanted from the site. Sufi wanted something with more “pop”—he suggested Vamped.

At the time, I told Sufi I wanted the website to be the “vampire version of Cracked[.com]” (one of my favourite websites). That’s what probably inspired him, in turn.

Well, now three years have passed by—Vamped celebrated its third birthday on January 20. I marked the occasion with a special post mentioning a few highlights over that time. Give it a read. I even included a little birthday “bonus” in it.


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  2. “There are many things that interest us about vampires”: Ibid.
  3. a special post mentioning a few highlights: Anthony Hogg, “Happy 3rd Birthday, Vamped! A Few Highlights from Our History,” Vamped, January 20, 2017, accessed January 21, 2017,

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