Vampire Book Makes Top 10 Prison Library List


HMP Castle Huntly, Dundee, Scotland. A relatively obscure vampire book is popular with inmates at the low security prison. Picture: Mirror Online.

When I was Google Alerted to an article mentioning that a vampire book was in the top 10 most requested books from HM Prison Castle Huntly’s library, I thought it’d be an obvious choice like Dracula. Maybe even Twilight.

But much to my surprise, it was a non-fiction book. And not even an immensely popular one like J. Gordon Melton’s bestseller, The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead:

Alongside the thrillers, a couple of reference books also make the list.

These include the “lavishly illustrated” Vampires – from Dracula to Twilight by Charlotte Montague and Science But Not As We Know it by Ben Gilliland.

In case you’re wondering, Montague’s book—published in 2010 by Sphere—placed sixth. Andy McNab’s Silencer got top spot.

However, my surprise at Montague’s book making the list is tempered by disappointment: it’s not the most reliable book out there.

Several years ago, I called out the author—who has an MA degree in history—for treating the website of the imaginary Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency as a factual resource.

Come on. Even prisoners deserve better than that!


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  2. “Alongside the thrillers”: Ibid.
  3. I called out the author: Anthony Hogg, “The FVZA Is Not a Factual Resource,” Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist (blog), January 29, 2011, accessed January 8, 2018, [Internet Archive]

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