Here’s What I’ll Be Doing on Halloween

On Saturday, I got the ball rolling on what might be the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted: establishing a vampire studies group. That day, I made a post on Gumtree, an online classifieds site. Here’s my ad:


It begins. Gumtree ad posted on October 13, 2018, requesting attendance of a meet for the establishment of a vampire studies group in Melbourne.

Here’s what it says:

Ever wanted to know where the word, “vampire,” came from? Wondered what vampires can—and can’t—do? Who was the first vampire?

We will seek answsers to these mysteries and much more, but first—let’s meet!

Hi. My name is Anthony Hogg. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of, a general interest vampire site. I am looking for people to join a Melbourne-based vampire studies group on October 31, 2018.

We will meet in the City and I will go through the aims and what we can expect to achieve. Membership—and the formal establishment of the group—will commence that day. If you wish to join the group, the fee will be $5.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Readers may recognise the accompanying photo from my Vamped interview in 2014. It was taken in my bedroom; those are my books in the background (most of them catalogued in my LibrayThing account).

Today, I locked in a time and paid for a venue. The time will be approximately 2:30pm–4pm. The location will be revealed to those who confirm attendance.

As mentioned in the ad, I will be explaining the purpose and aim of what I want to do with this group (the name will be a secret except to those who attend). Attendance is free, but to join, you’ve got to cough up $5 on the day and agree to the group rules (it will be a non-profit group; all proceeds go to running the group and fulfilling its goals). Those are prerequisites for membership.

Establishing the group is the first step in many plans I have up my sleeve—including certain publications. Stay tuned for those, especially around about…December.

So, if you’re interested in joining, send me an email. Hope to see you there!


  1. I made a post on Gumtree: Anthony Hogg, “Wanted: Vampire Studies Group,” Gumtree, posted October 13, 2018,
  2. my Vamped interview in 2014: Anthony Hogg, “Interview with the Vampirologist,” by Erin Chapman, Vamped, August 17, 2014,
  3. catalogued in my LibraryThing account:
  4. send me an email:

2 thoughts on “Here’s What I’ll Be Doing on Halloween

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