I’m a member of quite a few, so, in the spirit of the blog, I’ll keep these vampire-specific. Here’s the breakdown of which ones I solely run (admin), run with others (co-admin) and ones I’m a merely a bystander and occasional contrbutor (members).


Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?


I write two blogs on the Highgate Vampire case, both called Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?—this group is its offshoot. Most groups established on the case bat for David Farrant or Sean Manchester, the main protagonists. My group doesn’t take sides, but is open to anyone interested in it—and if they’re with Team Dave or Team Sean, that’s fine, too.

David MacDowell Blue, author of The Annotated Carmilla (2011), Striking a Chord: A Look at Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games (2012); Your Vampire Story (And How to Write It) (2012), created the group’s the banner.

The Vampirologist


This group is an offshoot of my Blogger blog of the same name. It was intended to promote the blog, but instead, has spawned into a wonderfully thriving community of vampire enthusiasts—and vampires. Indeed, my website was inspired by the positive environment established there. I only really have two rules: don’t spam and don’t insult fellow members. Disagreements are allowed, as long as they’re respectful. With that simple credo, everything works out well.

David MacDowell Blue did the banner for this one, too.


Count Dracula


The group was established for Dracula fan, Charles E. Butler, author of The Romance of Dracula (2011), Vampires Everywhere (2012) and Vampires Under the Hammer (due 2014) after his original page was swiped by Universal. Some time later, he relinquished admin duties to me: I wound up recruiting Brian McKinley (Ancient Blood, 2013) and David MacDowell Blue to help run the thing (it has well over 1,000 members).

As you may’ve guessed, Blue also created the banner.

The Lord Ruthven Assembly

An affiliate of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, the LRA is “an international group of scholars who study vampires in literature, film, and the other arts.” They host the Lord Ruthven Awards for vampire fiction and non-fiction. The group is run by Dale K. Hanes, Adjunct Professor at Kent State University at Trumbull.

Vampire Lore and Legends

Founded by Kyle Germann, who writes The Demon Hunter’s Compendium. Kyle and I share a mutual interest in vampire folklore, legend and mythology. I became acquainted with him after discovering his extensive Amazon Lists, back in 2010. He made me co-admin of the group after I made a bunch of suggestions for the group—including shortening its title ever so slightly from “Vampires Lore and Legends”—and uploading the group’s banner pic (which, I admit, doesn’t strictly adhere to the group’s remit, but damn, it looks cool). Well, that, and he likes my blogs.

Vampire Writers Support Group

Brian McKinley created the group to establish a support network for vampire authors—as opposed to merely being a wall of buy-this-book links—which has gone from strength to strength. In fact, its members recently published a short story anthology called Fresh Blood (2013), featuring contributions from Daven Anderson, Matthew E. Banks, Lucy Blue, Jessica Cage, Danielle DeVor, Drusiana, Donna Fernstrom, Donald L. Pitsiladis, Karen Plaisance, Selene MacLeod, Brian Patrick McKinley, Dan Shaurette, Tabitha Grace Smith, Emma Rawlin and Jay Wilburn.

McKinley granted me co-admin duties, when I used my initiative to make a range of suggestions for the group, including having a separate page for authors to host ads for their books, as well as securing its URL. A great group for writers or anyone interested in the genre.


Art of the Vampire

Does what it says on the tin: “Discussions relating to vampire fanfare such as books, history, folklore, poetry, art, movies, etc.” It’s run by Asif Murad.

Castle of the Vampyre

Founded and admined by my friend, Jason De Marco, an Australian “vampyre.” He featured in an episode of SBS 2’s The Feed.

Doctor van Helsing Society

Formerly titled the “A. van Helsing Society”, this group is co-run by Brian J. Showers, an editor at Swan Rivers Press and Clemens “Clem” Ruthner, whose contributions to vampire scholarship I greatly respect. The group also has an excellent goal:

This is an attempt to create an international network of (serious:) scholars investigating the cultural phenomenon of VAMPIRISM in the fields of literary and cultural studies, history, medicine/psychology, anthropology and religion studies. Maybe one day we will found an academic association in the real world…?


A group established by another friend of mine, Angie “Blackorchid” Watkins, who writes demonflyonthewall—a quirky take on the protagonists involved in the Highgate Vampire case. I sometimes pop up as a character, too! The group, falsely labelled a “hate group” by certain members of the Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society—my membership lead to my eviction as co-admin of the HCVAS—discusses “all the gossip and news surrounding Highgate-is put under the microscope!Read all the latest,what is going on at the moment HERE!” A light-hearted, if not bewildering, take on the case, especially for those who want to let off a lil steam.

The Highgate Vampire Chronicles – A Factual Movie

You’ll need to request special access to this one: it’s a closed group, no doubt to deter the usual level of mudslinging hurled about by those discussing the case. It’s intended to promote the group’s founder, Kevin Crace’s “film telling the story of David Farrant, the greatest occultist of his generation, and his pursuit of the legendary Highgate Vampire.” That label might be disputed, but the group’s pretty neutral—especially as Crace discourages any bickering.

London Vampyre Group on Facebook

I joined this group after pursuing copies of their publication, The Chronicles. I should emphasise, though, that I’m not a member of the “Scene” and not a vampyre or vampire. But it’s not without interest. It’s run by Darren Demondaz.

Vampire Community News

Admined by Merticus, and Isealdor Gaelia. You’ll notice the group’s blog in my reading list. Remember that piece I did on the psychic vampire killing kit? I saw the original eBay listing on this group. The group has pretty strict guidelines:

For the posting of news items (third-party linked newspaper/television/radio/articles/blogs/public linked-material) pertaining to the Real Vampire Community. Please do *NOT* post any non-vampire community news or general vampirism related discussions to the wall of this group without prior approval. If you’re in doubt, please contact either Merticus (Owner/Primary Admin) and/or Isealdor (Secondary Admin) before posting. You are welcome to invite anyone you wish to join this public/open group. Please review the following three (3) rules below to ensure a more enjoyable experience:

Rule 1: We Don’t Censor Or Intervene In Debates Or Heated Arguments/Discussions – We Simply Close The Thread At Our Discretion
*Do NOT violate the instructions of the administrative staff and do not attempt to block them. Keep your non-civilized personal disagreements or inter-personal drama contained to private messages. You WILL be removed if you choose to repeatedly cause disruptions.
Rule 2: 18+ Unless Permission Is Sought First
Rule 3: Do Not Triple+ Post On Threads In Rapid Succession

But pretty understandable, when the group—as of this writing—has nearly 3,000 members. Not to mention all the “dramas” that go along with being involved in the Vampire Community.

Vampire’s Kiss

Co-admined by Thomas Broadbent and Starry MoonBunny Wizdom, this group is “for the serious vampire lovers amoung us. Vampires in literature, movies, music, art, mythology”. It also features a gorgeous banner, taken from Jim Muth’s Dracula: A Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares (1986).


I run four pages—three are spin-offs from my Facebook groups, the last is the official page for my website, Vamped. They all feature a mixture of content posted on the groups and the occasional, completely different thing. Feel free to “like” those. The “Count Dracula,” “Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?” and “The Vampirologist” banners were created by David MacDowell Blue.


Count Dracula


Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?


The Vampirologist





Anthony Hogg

Last, but not least—my Facebook account. Feel free to friend me, but I’d appreciate it even more if you introduced yourself. And no, that’s not me. I’m a brunette.

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